St. Joseph Catholic School

North Texas Giving Day

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, and Friends:
At St. Joseph Catholic School, we are committed to offering our students a path to excellence through worship, study, and service. And while academic excellence will always remain a priority, we joyfully embrace our Catholic faith and Christian duty by integrating worship and a commitment to social justice into our learning environment. In doing so, we help develop well-rounded students who are not only equipped for academic success but who are also prepared to make a positive impact in our communities through service. It is with this belief that we continue the theme of "Thrive: School, Students, Community" and reach out to you for your much needed support during North Texas Giving Day this Thursday, September 22nd. Our goal this year is $20,000.
To show our appreciation and the impact our students' actions can have, each student and staff member has committed to completing a random act of kindness in the community IF our goal of $20,000 is reached. Imagine the impact this will have on our children and the community at large! We need your help to make this happen. In addition, a portion of the money raised on Thursday will help us fund new service opportunities for our students.
Into Your word we're digging deep,
to know our Father's heart.
Into the world we're reaching out,
to show them who You are.
"Thrive" by Casting Crowns
If every St. Joseph School family (this includes faculty and staff) donates a minimum of $80, we will reach this year's goal of $20,000. Any donation is greatly appreciated, so please plan to make your tax-deductible donation to SJCS on September 22nd and then forward the donation link on to others who would like to support our school and our mission. Every donation of $25 or more receives additional bonus funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas, maximizing the impact of your donation.
To donate, you may click on the link below or watch for Thursday's email with a link to the SJCS donation page. Links to our donation page will also be posted on Facebook and on our website.  
We are committed to helping our students and the community THRIVE. Won't you join us? 
Camille Antes


Every gift given on Thursday, September 22nd, will go to St. Joseph Catholic School--including the bonus funds. The link will only be active from 6am until Midnight.