St. Joseph Catholic School

School Counselor

The school counselor works in a support role aimed at student success. The counselor collaborates with teachers to come up with classroom strategies and with the resource teacher to facilitate an academic plan that best utilizes campus resources. The counselor is also available to parents with questions or referral needs.

Accommodations for students with diagnosed learning differences, based upon assessment data provided by parents, are prepared and handled by the counselor. Should a student need testing, the counselor can help families with this process.

The counselor is available to meet with students to address immediate academic, social or emotional concerns during the school day. Students can ask to see the counselor or the teacher may refer them. The counselor can also assist parents in finding ongoing support as needed.  

Guidance lessons are taught weekly in the classroom by the classroom teacher. Our guidance curriculum is called Second Step and Steps to Respect. It is a research-based program that teaches social skills, conflict resolution and bully prevention. The counselor assists administrators in locating assemblies and teacher trainings that complement the weekly lessons.