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Mrs. Evans

Grades:  Middle School (6th-8th grades)


Subject:  Mathematics


Favorite Verse and Quotation:

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”        — Aristotle


Why I Teach: 

Students often struggle with math because they are afraid to fail. Having confidence in your own knowledge and skills as well as having trust in your educator creates an environment suitable for intellectual growth. My goal as an educator is to create that environment and help students flourish.


Education and Training:

 (2018) B.S. in mathematics from Lamar University with minor in psychology.


Where I Have Lived:

I was born and raised in southeast Texas. I grew up in a small town called Warren. When I graduated high school, I attended Lamar University. I moved to Dallas in the summer of 2019.


My Professional Experience:

After I graduated high school, I started volunteering at the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) in Beaumont called the Garth House. Once I graduated from Lamar, I worked at the Garth House doing the finances, until I got a job at St. Catherine teaching middle school. I did private tutoring while I was going to Lamar up to the time I moved to Dallas. After I moved to Dallas, I got a job at the CAC of Collin County doing grants accounting, until I was hired at St. Joseph.


My Family:

My mom and my dad are from California and moved to Texas before I was born. I have four older sisters, three brothers-in-law, three nieces, and two nephews. My dad’s family was Cajun and originally from Louisiana. I met my husband while we were at Lamar. I was getting my B.S. in mathematics while he was getting his M.S. We got married in July 2019, and he is getting his PhD in mathematics at SMU!


Something you might not know about me:

My hobbies include baking/cooking, reading, and learning/observing nature – including animals.  

Fun Fact: While I was in high school and college, I had a small baking side business where I would fill orders for cookies, cupcakes, and pies!


My Prayer for My Students:

My prayer for my students is that they will learn to be creative and analytical thinkers that are capable of solving the problems that life throws at them.


My Contact Information: