J- Lab (short for Jaguar Lab!) is a resource room at St. Joseph Catholic School staffed by Terri Schraegle, a seasoned teacher with multiple certifications including language/reading therapist.

This resource room is available on an as needed basis for tutoring and focused work on specific concepts/subjects. Students who are struggling temporarily with specific concepts can go to J- Lab to get more individualized instruction. Students are teacher/administration referred. Parental permission is necessary.  

Ms. Schraegle also serves students with diagnosed reading disorders or weaknesses, math weaknesses and dual language speakers that need language/reading enrichment.  Many of our children take part in a program entitled, "Take Flight" which is a multi-sensory program that is used for some students with reading differences.

On occasion, our students can go to the J-Lab to work on missed work or tests due to absences.