What is STREAM? » Religion


Faith is the foundation of all that we do at St. Joseph Catholic School. 
We seek to integrate Catholic identity into all of our curriculum all year long. 
For example:
Our Kindergarten children:  design Noah's Ark and build ladders to Heaven.
Our 1st grade children:  design a poster to tell about themselves and how they are important to God.
Our 2nd grade children: create a chalice out of clay to celebrate their First Communion.
Our 3rd grade children: create a PowerPoint about their heritage - we are all special and equal in God's eyes.
Our 4th grade children: dress as their favorite saint and bless us with a saint parade.
Our 5th grade children: calculate the number of years ago that events in the Bible took place.
Our 6th grade children: build a scale model of our Cathedral.
Our 7th grade children: create Beatitude acrostic poems.
Our 8th grade children: create tryptichs in art, PowerPoint want ads
and reports all about their confirmation saint.