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What is Science’s role in STREAM?


Science encourages students to use their curiosity to seek answers. With our STREAM approach, students develop a faith-based, logical, global approach to problem solving.  STREAM moves beyond problem-based challenges to real-world applications.


Students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade explore stewardship and science by using the school garden as an outdoor extension of the indoor classroom. “Why” meets “how” and “when” as students find answers to questions such as: What should be planted? When is the best time to prep the raised beds, fertilize, sow/plant, maintain, harvest, or clean the beds? This is a year-round process and provides service opportunities during the summer.


Technology provides students with tools to help with their design, creation, and testing phases. There is a class set of iPads that can be used in the classroom and outside in the garden. Each student from first through eighth grade has access to a science E-book. Vernier probe-ware and data collection devices further help middle school students during explorations.


Religion is an integral component of the science curriculum. After all, the Vatican has an observatory and science group! To explore astronomy, middle school students have access to the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics YouthAstroNet program. Students will be using these resources for astrophotography. We are looking forward to sharing our results!


Engineering skills are further developed during science class. There is an in-class Maker Space to provide students with idea starters and hands-on materials to build prototypes and models.


Art and Mathematics are core parts of science. Students use art as part of the engineering and design process. Mathematics is used with measurement, patterns, data analysis, and special reasoning. Students apply these throughout the problem solving and design processes. The class set of iPads are used in the middle school to blend math and science with apps such as Physics Playground and NASA’s Sector 33CE.


Science definitely flows through STREAM with problem identification, discovery, design, building, testing, solving, and sharing!