What is STREAM? » Technology



     Technology is integrated into each classroom at St. Joseph and supports a strong academic program.   Interactive TruTouch Flat Panels are used by teachers for instruction in most classrooms.  Each classroom has a bank of desk top computers which are used daily by students.  Rolling laptop and iPad carts containing classroom sets of the technology are available for class projects and research.


     Our Technology Lab itself is unique in its design!  It contains short tables with soft seating for work on laptops and tall tables for work in Robotics and laptops, as well as, regular sized tables for traditional classroom instruction using computers.  Separate carts keep our robots and laptops charged and organized.   A 3D printer (with cart) is ready to assist with learning.  There are multiple glass dry erase boards for students to use on collaborative projects.  Students have the capability to connect their device to a Smart projector and share information with others. 


      Our Kindergarten - 8th grade students visit the Tech Lab weekly.  Our students learn how to operate a web browser and login to the computer and websites (examples include: IXL, Typing.com, Microsoft Office, Code.org) that they use regularly in various classes.  They navigate a St. Joseph Student Technology Resource page that allows the students to enhance skills including keyboarding and mouse/trackpad control.


      Through the school year, each student will use a variety of robots (Sphero Bolt, Ozobot Bit, Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot) - each with a different educational purpose.  Our students learn to input codes by using a computer, a tablet or markers to program the robots.


      We even have a 3D printer that students utilize for certain projects throughout the year.  KidSpark Education mobile STEM sets, ROK Blocks and Engineering Pathways are utilized for engineering and simple machines lessons. Straw builders are available to assist with 3D models or to creatively express students’ ideas.


     SJCS students are on the cutting edge of technology every day – whether it be in the Tech Lab or another classroom.  All grades are comfortable utilizing this technology while continuing to gain skills and expertise.  These skills crossover and are practiced both inside and outside the classroom which we know is so important in today’s world!