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On-Campus Learning Model


On-Campus Learning Model -- Quarter 1 of 2020-21 School Year      

(Details as of August 10, 2020)


St. Joseph Catholic School will provide a full-time On-Campus Learning Model beginning on September 2, 2020.  Our teachers are currently working both in our school building and at home through August completing in-service, creating lessons, and making plans to implement new health protocols. We will be ready!  

Everyone in our community – parents, students, faculty, and staff – will play a crucial role in keeping each member of our community safe at school.   The goal of keeping everyone well and learning at school will be achieved if we all work together. 



Attendance and Participation

          The school building will open at 7:30 am for students this school year. 

Parents will need to submit an at-home screening questionnaire on Monday morning of each school week.  In addition, as children leave their car at morning carpool, a staff member will take their temperature before they enter the building.  Any child with a ‘yes’ answer on their questionnaire or fever of 100.0 or above will need to stay/go home.   


Students will go directly to their classrooms after being dropped off in the morning.   All students should be in their classrooms by 8:00 am ready for attendance, prayer, and announcements.


Classroom Instruction

Students in all grades (K-8) will be contained in their homeroom classes.  They will stay with their class group for the entire school day.  The goal is to minimize the number of individuals that each student encounters throughout the day.  We have already heard some teachers talking about naming their ‘family’ group/class, and we can expect that their class groups will become very close indeed!   Students in grades 3-8 receive instruction from more than one core subject teacher.  The teachers will travel to other classrooms – the students will stay in the same classroom.  For example: Ms. Reilly teaches Language Arts to all 3rd grade students.  Her teaching partner, Mrs. Nguyen teaches Math.  They will each teach to one class group and then switch classrooms to teach the other class group.


Senora Ale will travel to classrooms to teach Spanish. Mrs. Sabetti will travel to classrooms for Library/Storytime.  Class groups will travel during the day (when scheduled) for art class, technology class, music class, and PE (gym or outside).  Ms. Kim has spent endless hours in the last two weeks on schedules and ensuring that traveling in the hallways to those specials classes is staggered.  No two class groups will be traveling at the same time.  Individual and small groups from one class group will continue to utilize our J-Lab.  Each of the classes/labs/spaces used will be disinfected between classes. 


Mass is an essential part of the formation of the mind and heart of our children. If the children are in the school classrooms, then there will be Mass offered for our children.

        • Lower school Masses (grades K-5) are scheduled at 9:30 am each Monday.  This Mass is only open to SJCS students and faculty/staff.  At this time, we are not able to invite parents or others to attend. The church will be cleaned/disinfected after the 8:00 am Mass)
        • Middle school Masses (grades 6-8) are scheduled at 9:30 am each Friday.  This Mass is only open to SJCS students and faculty/staff.  At this time, we are not able to invite parents or others to attend. The church will be cleaned/disinfected after the 8:00 am Mass)
        • Students are receiving instruction on how to receive Communion while wearing a face mask. 
        • Students and staff will practice social distancing while sitting in pews and when entering/exiting the church.
        • Hand sanitizer will be used before and after Mass.



Students will social distance from each other as much as possible within the building.  Opportunities to go outside for study, lunch, specials, and recess will be maximized when weather permits. (Currently, per diocesan policy, if the heat index is over 100 degrees or the windchill is under 32 degrees, students may not go outside.)  Increased air circulation and ventilation in all classrooms, including opening classroom windows, will be implemented when possible.  Our hallways, gym and cafeteria will be marked with stickers and signs to help our students and staff be mindful of keeping a 6 ft distance from others. 


Within the classrooms, student desks are arranged at least six feet apart.   Extra desks and other assorted furniture from each classroom have been removed and stored.  Teachers are also working to remove and store extra, non-essential items.  The goal is to have clear spaces and surfaces each evening for maintenance personnel to clean and disinfect. 


SJCS is planning for a general cleaning and disinfecting nightly in every classroom, and in all restrooms and common areas. In addition, high touch surfaces and restrooms will be disinfected mid-day by our custodial staff.   Our SJ custodial staff will use electrostatic backpack sprayers with a botanical disinfectant among their methods to disinfect each evening.  Twenty UVC wands have also been purchased for classroom/small space disinfecting during the school day. Students will have the opportunity to clean their own spaces before and after they are used in ways that are safe and developmentally appropriate.   


Students will have their own individual supplies.  There will be no shared supplies for students in classrooms.


Extracurricular Activities

At this time, the main focus of our administration and teachers must be on the teaching of the curriculum to our students.  Along with you, we are all hoping that the situation with the coronavirus resolves soon and sports and other activities can resume!    


The Dallas Parochial League (DPL) for grades 5-8 has canceled the fall season of sports.


Most extracurricular activities have been canceled until further notice.


St. Joseph is currently registered for PSIA 2020-21.  PSIA is getting creative in their offerings for academic competition opportunities.  We intend to offer those competitions to our students as offered!  


Quarterly Commitment

While actively working to prevent positive cases through mitigation practices, in the event that SJCS needs to transition to a Distance Learning Model for all students, our On-Campus students will be prepared.


The Distance Learning Model will be available for any child who is diagnosed with illness or is self-quarantined.