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Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

St. Joseph custodial and cleaning staff have been trained to meet CDC recommended daily sanitation  procedures.
Each night there will be general cleaning and disinfecting of each classroom, office, clinic and all common areas (hallways, gym, cafeteria).  General cleaning will include dusting, wiping down and disinfecting touch points (door knobs, light switches) and flat surfaces (desktops, shelves), cleaning floors and removing trash.  Staff will then use electrostatic backpack sprayers with a botanical disinfectant to disinfect all areas. 
Custodial staff will disinfect high touch surfaces and restrooms during the day.
Custodial staff will be available to clean and disinfect in the instance of an emergency.
Specials classrooms and the cafeteria will be disinfected after each use.
Teachers will be supplied with a UVC wand for small space/classroom disinfecting during the day.
Students will have the opportunity to clean their own spaces during the day in ways that are safe and developmentally appropriate.  Sanitizing wipes will be available in every classroom.
Windows will be opened periodically throughout the building to increase airflow.  As the weather gets cooler and permits, teachers will be encouraged to keep classroom windows open throughout the school day.   Our building and HVAC system are not very old  -- our facilities manager is updating the filters in the HVAC system to be the highest quality.
Doors to the classrooms and doors to the gym, cafeteria and hallways will be kept open to keep students and staff from the need to touch door handles.  All entry doors to our school building (main school entrance, two cafeteria doors on Jupiter side of the building, gym door on Jupiter side of the building, entrance to Little Disciples hallway, door to playground, and the main entrance to school hall from parking lot) will remained closed and locked throughout each school day. 
Water fountains are turned off.  Water bottle refill stations will be available.