COVID-19 Health » SJCS Health Coordinator, Mrs. Becky Vasquez

SJCS Health Coordinator, Mrs. Becky Vasquez

SJCS Health Coordinator
Mrs. Becky Vasquez
School office: 972-234-4679
Clinic direct line:  972-692-4533
Our school health coordinator, Becky Vasquez, will be the point of contact for any health questions or concerns.  
Nurse Vasquez should be contacted if your student experiences symptoms of COVID-19. If anyone in your household becomes symptomatic after our weekly survey, Nurse Vasquez should be contacted.
Should we have a positive case of COVID-19 at our school, she will help coordinate with local health authorities and complete contact tracing.  She will ensure that necessary information is communicated on isolation and quarantine timelines, symptom monitoring and care. 
Nurse Becky will continue to see children in the nurse's office to handle all essential visits, non-COVID related illnesses and dispense medications.  All minor non-essential visits will be handled in the classroom.  All staff members will have first aid kids in classrooms and desks. An isolation area outside of the nurse's office will be available for suspicious symptomatic students/staff members to be seen.