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Face Coverings

Masks for everyone are required while in the school building.  Students should have face coverings in place as they leave the car at drop-off.
Masks should properly cover the mouth and nose.  Masks should be a cotton blend, not 100% polyester. Paper surgical masks are allowed.  Masks should have ear-loops or ties. 
Neck gaiter style masks are not allowed. The porous nature of the fabrics used for the large majority of gaiters has shown to actually produce much higher aerosolization of droplets and do more harm than good.
Bandanas, masks with ventilation valves and face shields are not permitted. 
There are no restrictions as to the color of the mask and subtle designs are allowed, however, please try to limit the designs on the mask - nothing too distracting for school! 
Two or more masks should be brought to school each day.  Masks will be worn throughout the day.  Others should be stored in a open bag/container in the student's backpack to be used if the other mask is compromised or breaks.