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Extended Day Program

Your student’s health is our number one priority.  We have created a new set of guidelines that we will follow to help reduce our student’s risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.  Please make sure you read these guidelines thoroughly, as many procedures have changed.


Staff Guidelines

We will always have two staff members on duty with the children.  They have been trained on our new procedures and know the COVID-19 guidelines we have put in place. 

Our staff members will be screened daily before they are permitted to enter the building and work.


EDP Drop Off

Students will be picked up from their classrooms at the appropriate time by an EDP staffer.  Once they are picked up, they will be transported to the cafeteria and assigned a seat at a table where they will keep their personal belongings.  The students will be spaced 6 feet apart and will be required to wear a mask the entire time they are in the building.


During EDP

During your child(ren)’s time at EDP, we will be unable to use our EDP games and puzzles.  However, we will be allowing the students to bring a bag with a few items they bring from home to EDP with them to play at their table.  They will keep the bag in their classroom cubby and then bring it with them to EDP.  Make sure to label their bag, so that they do not get mixed up with others.

We plan on helping with homework, having a designated reading period, watching movies, and coming up with socially distanced games to keep the students busy until they can be picked up.

Snack will be served outside when weather permits it.  Feel free to pack an extra snack for your child to enjoy.  All snacks will be individually packaged.  We ask that your child(ren) bring a water bottle with them to EDP.  Our water fountains are currently unavailable, but we have newly installed bottle filling stations that will be accessible.


EDP Pick Up

At this time, parents and designated ‘pick up’ persons cannot enter the building.  Parents or guardians are asked to pull under the Jupiter side awning and call or text the EDP phone number (469-203-7781) to have their student(s) brought out to them.  We will also have a doorbell located on the outside of the building.

A staff member will bring out our “sign out sheet” for the person picking the child(ren) up to sign.


We are confident that with these new procedures in place, our St. Joseph students will have a fun, productive and safe time in EDP.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program or any procedures, feel free to email me,


Thank you,


Madeline Poellot

St. Joseph Catholic School EDP Director