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Faith Formation

Faith formation occurs each day at St. Joseph Catholic School.  Prayer and religious instruction are integral, daily parts of our curriculum and instruction at SJCS. 
Our school community attends Mass each week, as well as on Holy Days of Obligation.  Reconciliation takes place at least one time per quarter.
Religion classes are a scheduled part of each school day.  Curriculum for lower grade students is from the  Jesus Our Life series.  Christ our Life is the curriculum used for middle school students.  Additional materials from various other sources are integrated into religion classes through the year.  Cross curricular, collaborative projects are completed at each grade level. 
Formal preparation for sacraments is completed at school. 
Our unbaptized students can receive instruction and be baptized at St. Joseph Catholic Church.
Our students prepare for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion during their second grade year.  A SJCS student of any age who has not received those sacraments can go through preparation and receive those sacraments during the school year.
Our students prepare for Confirmation during their 8th grade year.
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