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Our Pastor, Father Jason Cargo

               Go forth and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (Mathew 28:28). The Catholic Church exists to help you experience the Good News of Jesus Christ. I believe this fully with all my being as your Pastor.  I want each person who is part of St. Joseph Catholic Church and School to experience this Good News! 


               What is this good news? God proves his love for us that while we are still sinners he sent his son to die for us. By dying and rising for us, Jesus merits for us a place at the table with his Father. We become God’s sons and daughters. As our Father he sends us His love which empowers us to live a life of love. This love never leaves us and he pledges that He will be with us until the end of the age. This is the Good News that I want all people who are part of St. Joseph to experience and live. 


               For this reason, here at St. Joseph, we focus on a very simple statement. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we evangelize as we worship, study, and serve. This statement governs why we do what we do. St. Joseph Catholic School is a key ministry for St. Joseph. We want your child to learn about all aspects of life. We want you to accompany them in this learning as they grow in their mind, body, and soul. We want our children at St. Joseph to be disciples who intentionally love one another. We want them to embrace the diversity of the world with enthusiasm and treat all according to the Golden Rule. We want them to become passionate about the disciplines of science, the arts, and mathematics. We want them to love life and then live life to the full. Finally, we want your child to be leaders in what is good, beautiful and true. This type of leadership takes prudent risks to help change the world.


               In short, I believe St. Joseph Catholic School is the best form of youth ministry that we can provide where together, we can help your child become the best version of themselves so that they can live a life of leadership as a Catholic Christian.  My hope is that all the children that pass through St. Joseph will live their life with heaven as their ultimate goal. 


               If you are with us already, you know the blessing of our Catholic School. If you are searching for a  school - home for your child, you have come to the right place. 




Who Am I? Well, I am a son of God who has been loved by the Father and am now a priest of Jesus Christ. But, you might  want to know more than that about me ...  here are a few things about me that you might find interesting!


Academic Achievements

               1993 - Graduated from Plano East Senior High School

               1997 - Received Bachelors of Science in Meteorology from Texas A&M University

               2002 - Finished 2 years of coursework in Philosophy

               2006 - Received Bachelors in Sacred Theology from the University of Thomas Aquinas, Rome

               2008 - Obtained License in Sacred Theology (Liturgy) from the Univ. of Holy Cross, Rome

               2019 - Completed the Martin’s intensive year on Homiletics from Univ. of Notre Dame


Ministerial Experience

               1998 - Began 2 years of missionary work with NET (National Evangelization Teams) in Canada

               2000 - Entered Holy Trinity Seminary

               2002 - Entered the North American College, Rome

               2007 - (August 11) - Ordained to the Sacred Priesthood for the Diocese of Dallas

               2008 - Assigned to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano as Parochial Vicar

               2010 - Moved to St. Monica as Parochial Vicar

               2011 - Moved to (December 1) Immaculate Conception in Corsicana as Pastor

               2016 - Came to (March 1) St. Joseph in Richardson as Pastor


Current Volunteer Activities

               Board member for CPLC

               Board member for Sacred Heart Book Store

               Board member for YearUp 

               Spiritual Advisor for Diocese of Dallas Catholic Committee on Scouting

               College of Consultors and member of Presbyteral Council for the Diocese of Dallas

               Dean of North Central Deanery for the Diocese of Dallas

               Sacred Places Committee of the Diocese of Dallas


Other Activities

               Awarded Eagle Scout Award

               Played high school football

               Enjoy watching all sports and being active when possible

               Enjoy watching musicals and plays

               Enjoy nature and gardening

               Enjoy reading and learning