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Alumni News and Achievements



 SJCS Alumni – Please update your information so we can stay connected on your growth and future events.

St. Joseph Catholic School proudly graduated our first class of 8th graders in 2009.
Since then, our graduates have continued to distinguish themselves in their worship, study and service!

The leadership roles that I had at St. Joseph helped me to develop strong interpersonal skills and the ability to balance academics along with athletics and other extracurricular activities. I used those skills throughout high school where I served as the class Vice President, college where I graduated with honors from the University of Mississippi, and now in my career as an accountant in New York City. Without the strong foundation that St. Joseph helped to develop, I wouldn’t be where I am today.             - Rebecca R.

St. Joseph taught us the importance of selfless service and giving back to our community at an early age. This is something I have carried with me throughout my high school, college, and now adult life.    - Aubrey B.


Being a student at Saint Joseph built a strong educational foundation focused around accelerated academics and proper work ethic. My early education at Saint Joseph shaped me into well rounded and academically focused person. As a current student at Southern Methodist University, I can testify to the profound effects Saint Joseph had upon me during my time there.      - Dom A.



At St. Joseph, I developed a solid work ethic early. That particular strength has helped me on my journey through high school, college, and my current job. The foundations I built at St. Joseph's propagated through my life and made me who I am today.           - Ryan D.


St. Joseph Catholic School was truly a transformative place for me.  From learning how to write in cursive in Mrs. Nguyen's third grade class to learning about American History in Ms. Proe's class and going to Mass each Wednesday, St. Joseph created a high standard within me that has followed me all the way through high school and into college.  I am truly grateful for the time and commitment that each of my teachers gave to us while creating an exceptional learning environment for me and my peers.     - Luke B.

Alumni NCAA Volleyball Player Coaching at JPII!

Katie Beth Gammon, SJCS Class of 2011, is coaching volleyball at JPII while attending graduate school! We are proud that this Jaguar and NCAA College athlete is paying it forward by sharing her gifts with Catholic school students!

North Texas Performing Arts Star - Lily D!

SJCS 2020 graduate, Lily, is thriving at Booker T Washington HS - loves performing and her talent is shining in a leading role with the North Texas Performing Arts. What a star!

Roy - University of Dallas bound!

Roy is graduating from Plano East Senior High School in June 2021. He has enrolled at the University of Dallas in Irving for the Fall of 2021 and was offered a Dean’s Scholarship.

Headed to Medical School!

SJCS graduate, Martin Day, has been accepted to the Texas A&M School of Medicine.  Congratulations and best of luck in medical school, Martin!

Fall Football!

At a Fall 2020 football game Bishop Lynch vs. JPII, these three SJCS '19 graduates celebrated together.