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ACE Program

The Advanced Cognitive Enrichment (ACE) program at St. Joseph School is a pullout program used in the mid elementary grades to offer enrichment opportunities for students with high cognitive ability. Cognitively Gifted learners are adept at analogical thinking and use it effectively and efficiently to solve problems and reason their way through tasks. They approach information in a way that allows them to see the big picture. It is beneficial for these types of learners to have an opportunity to problem solve with other students who are also highly skilled in this area.


ACE Qualifications:

  1.   In order to qualify for ACE, students must have a composite (QVN) Standard Age Score of 125 or above on the most recent CogAT test, the cognitive ability test our students take in the fall.  A composite score of 125 means the student scored higher nationally than at least 94% of all other students in their age group. The 125 is consistent with the qualifying score used in the Diocesan Junior DECATS program.
  2.  Students with a composite SAS of 125 or more are also required to have IOWA scores above 90 NPR in two of the following areas: total reading, language, math and science. The IOWA scores assess application of cognitive strengths in core subject areas.
  3.  Recent grade reports of qualifying students are also reviewed to be sure the student is progressing well in the classroom.