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Referral Program

To increase awareness of St Joseph Catholic School in the marketplace and ultimately enrollment
by utilizing current school families as a means to spread the word. The referral program will incent families who refer others to the school if they join the school community.

Refer a family to St Joseph Catholic School and if they join the school community, receive a $350 referral
bonus as our way of saying thank you for your trust and confidence. Refer two families who join the school community within the same school year and receive an $850 referral fee. Refer three or more families within the school year and receive a $1500 referral fee.

In addition, the new family's $95 application fee will be waived.

Program Details:
  • Referral bonus will be credited to existing family once enrolled family completes four months at the school.
  • Referral bonus is a flat amount regardless of number of students who enroll per family.
  • Referring family must have a student enrolled at St. Joseph Catholic School at time of payment to be
  • eligible to receive payment credit.
  • Application fee will be credited to new family after completion of four months at school.
  • Payment will be credited in Jan for those families who start at beginning of school year.
  • Payment will be credited in May for those families who start after the month of September.

  • New family must write referring family's name on application.
  • Referring family will be notified of new family's enrollment and eligibility for referral bonus once the new family has been accepted and completed the enrollment process.
  • When payment credit completed, referring family will be notified by the Business Manager.