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One Family Service Program

Dear Parents,

A parent's decision to send their children to Catholic school is one that implies commitment and a willingness to make sacrifices in order to give their children a foundation that will carry them forward in life, with a sense of hope and purpose. While the financial commitment that parents make to provide this for their children is a significant one, Catholic schools are among the least expensive of all private institutions.  One reason for this is parent involvement.  

Our families partner with our school in order to make the most efficient use of our resources and to channel as much as possible toward the education of the children. Thousands of volunteer hours go into the success of a single school year. We try to give the children as many opportunities as possible to learn, grow, serve, play, and have fellowship with one another. We recognize one Father, and we work together as one family. Galatians 6:10 says, "So then, while we have the opportunity, let us do good to all, but especially to those who belong to the family of the faith." As in all families it takes the time, gifts, and talents of every member to care for the family and make sure it remains strong.

There are many private schools that do not have the blessing of being a faith-based institution built on the family concept. These schools require parents to sign contracts committing to a certain number of volunteer hours, and if they do not log in their hours, they are charged extra tuition. Nothing about that speaks family to me.

At St. Joseph, our families pull together--each one contributing to the efforts we put forth to make our school better. Most of these are aimed at keeping our tuition as low as possible. For example, we hold fundraisers that do not require children to go door to door asking for money. Instead, we partner with a St. Joseph business owner and sell Christmas wreaths and flowers. We also raise school improvement funds through our annual auction, and we get money for library books through our book fairs. It takes many volunteers to make these events successful, and the funds go to every child in the school--not just to the children of those who volunteered their time. Parents also make it possible for our children to enjoy sports, field trips, class parties, and family nights.

I want to thank those who have so graciously given of their time in past years, and to ask each one of you to please make a commitment today to volunteer at our school and join other members of the St. Joseph family in the important work of partnering together for the formation of our children. It is our goal to have 100% of our families at St. Joseph volunteering in some capacity.

Our school's mission is aimed at Worship, Study, and Service. We all want our children to grow up to be justice-minded. We want them to serve others and care about the common good. These are principles of our faith that we teach the children in school, but I will be the first to admit that the lessons they will remember the most, will be the memories of seeing their own parents live out those virtues.  I have faith in our family, and I thank you in advance for volunteering.

A link to the volunteer page on our website can be found here.  You will find most of our volunteer opportunities listed there as well as the contact information to get involved. There are many opportunities that do not require your presence at school during the work week. There is truly an opportunity for every family and every schedule. You will also find instructions on how to log your hours into RenWeb.  Each family that logs in hours this year will receive a special Worship, Study, Serve bracelet.  

Again, I thank you for your commitment to our St. Joseph family and look forward to the wonderful things we will achieve together.


Camille Antes