Nurse's Office » Immunization Checklist for Students Grades 7&8

Immunization Checklist for Students Grades 7&8

Immunization Requirements for St. Joseph Catholic School
Dear Parent/Guardian of all incoming 7th and any new 8th graders,
Per Texas Dept. of Health Services:
In addition to immunizations required to have begun Kindergarten, there are two that are required to begin 7th grade
A Tdap booster if it has been 5 yrs since the last one.
A Meningitis immunization. These immunizations must be received and documentation of same submitted to the school nurse prior to the 1st day of school in order for your child to attend class. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit if possible. The immunization requirements are statewide, and I anticipate immunization clinics and pediatricians offices to be quite busy, so I recommend that these immunizations be received as soon as possible. If you would like a list of free or nominal charge immunization clinics, please go to the website for your local municipality or county. You will need to take along a copy of your child’s immunizations to date. If you have questions about whether your child has received these immunizations, I would be happy to check the immunization record on file at school. However, this record is not always current unless you have submitted an updated record for any immunizations(s) your child may have received since kindergarten.
Maureen Duru, RN, BSN, School Nurse
Stephanie Lozano, Health Coordinator