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Did you know that arts learning is linked to positive student outcomes such as engagement and persistence, overall academic achievement, communication and collaboration, and positive behavior, among others?


St. Joseph’s art program is unsurpassed, offering exploration of a multitude of artistic mediums and instruction in art history and religious art. The school boasts an incredible art studio housing five pottery wheels and a kiln. Our student's artwork is also proudly displayed on , an online gallery.

In Music Class, students will learn the importance of music and music theory. Music is important because it is a part of everyday life and can be used to express oneself. Music theory is much like learning a new language; it consists of reading and writing. These goals will be accomplished through learning to play instruments, listening to various types of music, and playing musical games.


St. Joseph hosts an annual Fine Arts Night to highlight the importance of the arts in education as well as to our showcase students’ creativity. This evening is always highly-anticipated and one of our community's favorite events!