School Logo

The St. Joseph School logo first presents itself as the cross. The cross is the ultimate symbol of the Christian faith as it represents sacrificial love. This love is the foundation for which we can learn, live and lead. Learning requires mental discipline as the student seeks truth and understanding. To live well requires discipline in the moral virtues. The teachers of St. Joseph strive to provide these virtues to help our students make good moral choices. Leading requires people to deny themselves and look after the good of those whom they lead.  The cross, therefore, is a fitting symbol for our motto - love to learn, learn to live, and live to lead.


Our SJCS cross is special for three reasons. First, it is in the form of the Greek cross which is the international sign of help. This shape of cross is meant to invoke our mission to help form children from all faith backgrounds. Second, the cross contains beams of two colors, gray and maroon, which are our school colors. The use of two colors in the cross represent the diversity of cultures found in our school and our aim to allow our students to be familiar and comfortable with different cultural traditions. Finally, the cross has pointed edges. These are to show the dynamism of our students who live to lead. Their impact will be to constantly change the world toward the good.