Technology Recommendations

Computers, tablets and technology are here to stay!
Mr. Holmes, our technology teacher at SJCS, has recommendations to parents who might be purchasing devices for their students.

Kindergarten – 4th Grade

Recommendation - Tablet

Apple Products

iPad Air (3rd Generation or higher)

iPad (6th Generation or higher)


Amazon Products

Fire 7

Fire HD 8

Fire HD 10


Samsung Products

Galaxy Tab (models vary on GB’s and Size)


With any device purchase make sure the GB storage is large enough for needs. Recommendation is at least 64 GB or higher.  The operating system will use some of the GB storage.  Some tablets have MicroSD card slots.  

The students will be using Seesaw, IXL, and ClassLink – either through an app or in a browser.

The Apple App Store and Play Store have all three. 

Amazon Appstore does not have ClassLink; but students can use a browser for that program.



Padded Sleeve or Cases is recommended

Headphones with mic


5th grade -8th grade

Recommendation - Laptop

HP Dell, Lenovo, and Acer all have student devices.

SJCS uses Microsoft Teams and Office to complete schoolwork.  Students can download Office on their device as long as their account is active. Having Windows as an operating system is beneficial.  With MacBook computers, there are Office apps that can be downloaded.


Recommended minimum specs:

8GB Memory or higher - 4 GB will do but can only run one application at a time.

Students use OneDrive to save files - typical Hard Drive size 150GB-265GB

15” devices will fit nicely in most backpacks

Touch screen is not necessary but is a nice feature



Padded Sleeve or Case for transporting is recommended

USB Wireless mouse is a nice add-on

Headphones with mic


*If you are looking for device to last through high school I would recommend checking with specific schools for their requirements.