School Advisory Council


In conjunction with the Catholic School, the mission of the School Advisory Council is to further the advancement of quality Catholic education for students in St. Joseph Catholic School by providing leadership, direction, and support to the Pastor and the Principal.


The functions of the School Advisory Council are to:
Advise the Principal on policies, programs, services, and strategic planning.
Conduct special studies and assignments as requested by the Pastor or Principal.
Advise the Principal and Pastor on financial matters including assisting the principal in development of the annual school budget; determination of sources of funding for the annual operating budget: establishment of the annual tuition rates; and, establishment of teacher salary schedules. All of these activities, when completed, will be submitted for approval by the Pastor before being published and/or implemented.
Present St. Joseph Catholic School to the public, to civic authorities, and to the Catholic community, as a school imparting quality Catholic education in all aspects of living: spiritual, intellectual, cultural, physical, social, and civic.

2022-2023 School Advisory Council Members

Daniel White, Chairperson

Beth Anderson

Angela Anstead

Yung Cao

Pat Dulac

Phil Gibbs

Sandra Johnson

Andy Oleson

Kevin Saberre

David Trowbridge

Maria Zuniga

Meredith Daigrepont, Advisor

Fran Thompson, Principal

Fr. Stephen Ingram, Pastor

photo of School Advisory Council